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Here is my six-fold approach to health, fitness, weight control, and improved daily energy.

1.  Weightlifting Dale Turner YMCA, Seattle   Method: Use heavy weights, 21-exercises, 40 minutes per session, three sessions per week.  2 hours total weightlifting per week. 2013 goal: Get back to being able to bench press 350 lbs. on the Olympic bar. Update: As of 2/4/13 I’m at 340 lbs. (Two years ago I benched 400 lbs.)

Purpose: Muscle tone and muscle strength. Weight gain through muscle gain. Weight loss through fat burn.

Routine (second page): YMCA-Bob

2.  Hot YogaFusion Hot Yoga  Method: Hotha series, 26 postures, 60 minute session twice  per week and 90 minute session once per week.  3.5 hours of Hot Yoga per week, occasionally I fit in an extra 90 minute session to make it 5 hours in one week. 2013 goal: Properly do the standing head-to-knee asana and properly do the hands-to-feet pose. Status: As of 2/5/13 I can do the standing head-to-knee at about 10% (before was 0%) and the hands-to-feet at about 25% (before was 10%).

Purpose:  Stretching, balancing, compression, detoxification (via sweating), weight loss through fat loss.

Routine: Hatha-Schedule

3.  Nutrition

Part 1:  Isagenix 30-Day System  Method: Daily protein-based nutrition system for health and wellness. Includes fat burning system and deep cleansing. I have products at home and at the office for convenience. 2013 goal: Weigh 205 lbs. Status: Began at 280 lbs, Oct. 1, 2012. As of 2/6/13 am at 232 lbs (loss of 48 lbs).

Purpose: Rapid weight loss through fat loss without hunger pangs, improved energy during the day, internal cleansing (liver, etc.).

Routine: 30-Day Plan

Part 2: Vitamix  Method: Raw fruit and vegetables; tasty mixtures with maximum nutrition. Many recipes available online and in specialty cookbooks.

Purpose: Consuming antioxidants and high-vitamin and nutrient foods, gradual weight loss through fat loss without hunger pangs.

4.  WaterSodaStream  Fizzy water with lemon-lime non-sweetened flavor additive. This allows me to drink a lot of water without getting bored with it. Two 32-ounce quantities twice per day. One-half gallon water per day, minimum. That’s 3.5 gallons minimum per week. I have one at home and one at the office for convenience.

Purpose: Keeping the body well-hydrated promotes general health and wellness.

5.  Supplements Garden of Life I take a multi-vitamin and mineral course daily. It is specifically formulated for men 50 and older. Live probiotics and enzymes; vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free. I also take vitamin D (not a lot of sunshine in Seattle). 5000 IU daily.

Purpose: My doctor and dentist recommend multi-vitamins; the vitamins and minerals taken provide to me what normal diet cannot achieve.

6.  Sleep – In days gone by I’d burn the candle from six ends. No more. I still work hard but I also make time for sleep. My goal is to be in the sack for at least 7 hours nightly. I’m sleeping better as a result of losing weight and having improved hydration and nutrition along with regular exercise.

Purpose: Regeneration and relaxation.

  • When I can I also cycle and run on the treadmill, use the elliptical trainer, and stationary cycle.
  • Annually I have a complete physical.
  • Twice annually I have a dental check up.
  • Annually I have an eye exam.
  • During the year my cholesterol is checked; presently I take medication for low HDL.
  • I do not smoke.
  • I do not take any illicit drugs.
  • I do not consume alcohol.
  • Processed sugar is only eaten sparingly at family functions or holidays.

I have contacts regarding Isagenix, VitaMix, and Garden of Life products. I also know the owner of the Fusion Hot Yoga studio. If you desire information on anything on this page, contact me!

If you are need of physician for family medicine, opthalmology, or dentistry, I highly recommend the following:

  • Dr. Mark Hansen, Edmonds Family Clinic, Family Medicine – (425) 775-9474
  • Dr. Michael Gilbert, NW Vision Institute (Bellevue), Ophthamogist – (425) 450-2020
  • Dr. Perry J. Jones, III, Ballard Dental Arts (Seattle), General Dentistry – (206) 784-0343


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