Training, Consulting and Contracting

As a volunteer and for compensation over the years I have written and presented seminars on various training subjects, working as an extension (for compensation) through Continuous Improvements Concepts, Inc.; Baker and Associates; Impact Washington (formerly Washington Manufacturing Services); Henry Cogswell College, and as a volunteer for organizations such as The Foundation for Educational Achievement and Prisoners For Christ Outreach Ministries.

Following are the professional seminars I have written and present:

  1. Leadership-Based Project Management– 16 hours
  2. MS Project 2010 – 16 hours
  3. Six-Sigma-Based New Product Introduction – 16 hours
  4. Strategic Planning – 24 hours
  5. Goal Setting and Time Management – 4 hours
  6. Quality Management Systems (metrics, SPC, DOE) – 4 hours
  7. Leadership – 8 hours
  8. EIT Preparation – 40 hours
  9. PE (Mechanical) Preparation – 40 hours

I have presented my course materials at small companies, medium sized companies, and large companies, non-profits, colleges, civic groups and other independent organizations. I offer classroom training, one-on-one training, mentoring, and coaching.  My style is interactive, hands-on, using practical materials that are immediately useful, results-oriented, and delighting the customer.

In addition to presenting seminars, I also have and continue to serve as a part-time resource for various independent, start-up, or distressed companies that have a need for organizational coaching, modern program management, project scheduling, leadership, intellectual property advising, quality systems implementation, and coaching of senior staff in the areas of management, leadership, and departmental and organizational structure.

Further, my network of scientists, programmers, engineers, analysts, materials labs, technicians, computer aided drafting specialists, and mathematicians allow me to bring value to organizations by recommending needed resources that are pre-screened and vetted for competency, integrity, and availability to meet the need.

By appointment I  meet with prospective clients to discuss their needs and the value I will bring. Contact Bob Jordan at 425-268-8072 or [email protected].

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