125 Friend of Sinners 150 Greatness (Mark 10) 
124 One Verse 149 The Principle of Asking 


I Believe

148 Two Controversial Questions 


Staying Red Hot (2 Timothy 3)

147 Agreement (Acts 15) Or Disagreement?


From Faith To Faith (Romans 1) 146 The Mercy of God Toward Women and Children


Handling Conflict Between Brothers (Matthew 18)

145 Why Doesn't God Do Something?


Six Keys to Holy Living (1 Peter 1)

144 Fomenting Strife


Moving Forward (1 Samuel 17)

143 A New Foundation (Romans 15)


Enlarging Your Capacity (2 Kings 4)

142 Concerning Forgiveness


The Moment of Truth (Hebrews 12)

141 Is It Worth It?


Enduring to the End (1 Timothy 4)

140 The River of God (Ezekiel 47)


Ten Walks of a Christian

139 The Christian Faith Life (Hebrews 11)


Five Reasons To Trust God (Micah 7)

138 Likeminded (Philippians 2)


The Principle of Accountability (2 Samuel 12)

137 All Kinds (Luke 9)


Crowns 136 First the Natural, Then the Spiritual


I Would Not Have You Ignorant...

135 The Parable of the Sower (Luke 8)


Four Messages for Africa

134 Desperately Wicked and Gloriously Righteous (Luke 23)


The Tenderhearted (2 Chronicles 34) 133 Out of Bounds


Seven Marks Of A Mature Christian (2 Timothy 2)

132 The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth


The Importance of Discerning God's Will (1 Kings 13)

131 Coming From Behind (Genesis 50)


Shared Responsibility (John 20)

130 The Missionary 


A Partial Lesson On Prayer 129 In Position (Acts 16)


4 Proven Practices For Victorious Christian Living (Luke 5)

128 The Image of God (Genesis 1)



127 Passing Through (Hebrews 11)


Envy (1 Samuel 18)

126 Unspotted (James 1)

For 31 years I have been involved in jail and prison ministry. I began in 1979 at age 20 and joined Prisoners for Christ Outreach Ministries in 1993.


With PFC I am privileged to serve in various capacities:

  1. Preaching in Jails and Prisons. Presently I am on a two-year plan to visit all DOC prisons and numerous county jails and juvenile institution in Washington State. I visit at least two locations every month. This is my greatest joy in the ministry and I've been doing it for years and years and years!

  2. Dean, PFC University. PFC trains volunteers, and I write seminars, recruit teachers, and help the office in the organizing and execution of our twice-annual all-day training sessions. I've been leading this effort since 1997.

  3. Board of Directors. Since 2004 I've served with other godly men on the board of directors for both Prisoners For
    Christ as well as Standing Stones Ministry (our clean and sober home in Yakima). Presently I'm the secretary and also serve on the Finance Committee. This is a thankless job but, hey, leaders do what leaders do!

  4. International Group Leader. Serve as chairman of the Advisory Council, and lead or co-lead one or two trips internationally every year since 2006. International Missions is grueling, and everyone should consider going at least once!

  5. Manager, National Expansion.  Presently we are working with a new team in Arizona, with other states in line for beginning PFC in-prison ministry services. I train and equip our new teams. This activity was initiated in 2009.

  6. Short Term Missions. Annually I travel with Catalyst Worship Band to Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon as we invade numerous prisons and jails to present concerts and preach the gospel. One Fri/Sat/Sun in the summer. Always a highlight for the year!

Another prison ministry activity I'm involved with is the Washington Chaplains Association. I serve as Secretary there and am the webmaster (www.wca2000.org).


Check out this income cycle for non profits. I'm also on the Board of Directors for our aftercare facility, Northwest Transitional Living. (As opportunity presents itself I serve as guest preacher at various jails and prisons in Washington State.)