International Missions (in work)

To date I’ve been on 12 international missionary trips, ministering in the jails and prisons of Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, India, Ghana, Haiti, Mongolia, and The Philippines (one trip is not posted as it was in a closed country). On ten of these trips I was either co-team leader or team leader. Every trip has been an incredible experience, one that every Christian should make a provision for (exceptions being those whose health or domestic responsibilities prevent it).

Trip Reports

India 2015 India 2015 Trip Report 1.0

Mongolia 2015 Mongolia 2015 Trip Journal

Haiti 2014 haiti 2014 trip journal 2 comp

The Philippines 2013  The Philippines 2013 10-29-13 8MB

India 2012 India 2012 Trip Journal 11-16-12

Ghana 2011  Ghana 2011 Trip Report

India 2010  Journal2010

India 2009  india2009tripreport

Rwanda-Burundi-Congo 2008  tripjournal

India 2007  indiatripreport

Rwanda-Burundi-Congo 2006  2006RFJjournal


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